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Some alloy cylinder heads are affected by excessive corrosion. This problem can result in coolant loss, possible gasket failure and poor engine performance. A remedy to this problem is specialist welding, involving correct pre-heating and post cooling of the welded component.


Excessive Corrosion on Jag cylinder head

This picture shows excessive corrosion of the water passage in a Jag cylinder head

Welded Jag cylinder head Machined cylinder head

The cylinder head is welded and machined ready for final assembly


Holden Astra Pitting Problem Holden Astra Close Up of Pitting
The damage to the combustion chambers on this Holden Astra cylinder head is caused by detonation
Holden Astra Cylinder Head Welded Holden Astra Cylinder Head Completed
The same Astra cylinder head is welded and machined, ready for assembly


Suzuki Marine Cylinder Block Suzuki Marine Cylinder Block Repaired
This Suzuki Marine cylinder block developed a crack behind the cylinder liner. The repair involved removing the liner, welding the crack and refitting the liner



General Price Guide*

Welding starts at $30.00*, however prices vary significantly. 

All welding is quoted on inspection.