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What sort of surface finish should I have on my cylinderhead?

There are different surface finishes for cast iron and aluminium alloy cylinderheads. The important point is that the reconditioner knows and understands the difference, since errors here can seriously compromise the cylinderhead gasket life. Basically, cast iron requires a rough file like finish, where as an aluminium cylinderhead needs a smooth mirror finish.

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Why are exchange prices generally cheaper than custom rebuilding?

Because with "Exchange" products, a large quantity of components are reconditioned at one time to keep costs down, and second hand parts may also be used for the same reason.

With custom rebuilding, attention to detail is the foundation. Each job is totally unique, and your individual requirements and expectations are taken into account. As a result you have greater control over the end product. Typically a custom rebuilt product will out last and out perform any exchange.

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I can get an even cheaper reconditioned head from a motor wrecker!

Are you sure? Most motor wreckers sell second hand parts, not reconditioned ones, and there is a BIG difference. Understand what you are buying and ask plenty of questions.

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How do I know who to use?

Several things will give you a pretty good indication of who to use. Their workshop, what s it like? Is it clean? Does it look professional? Do they calibrate their measuring equipment and have an internal quality system? Don't shop on price alone, check out the shop you are going to use and be sure to ask plenty of questions.

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What about a warranty or guarantee?

All work must carry a guarantee. At Engine Worx we offer a 12 month unlimited kilometre guarantee on all workmanship for light passenger vehicles.  For all workmanship on commercial, industrial and agricultural engines, we offer a 3 month unlimited kilometre/hour guarantee.

Any parts purchased from Engine Worx carry the manufactures standard guarantee and must be returned for credit in accordance with their company policy.

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Can I supply my own parts?

Absolutely you can purchase the parts you want fitted into your job and have total control of brands and sizes used.

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I have several different prices for the same job, who should I choose?

When fixing engines the cheapest price won't always be your best option. Choose someone who you trust, look for value for money and beware you are not lured by low prices. There is no point getting a job done at half the price if it isn't done correctly the first time. Not only is money wasted, but potentially a good engine or part is damaged beyond repair.

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So what next - I need some help!

We can help, just give us a call and together we'll work out the best options for you. Phone us on 0417 395 629.

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