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Not all repairs are your run of the mill jobs, some very interesting and odd sort of jobs come our way.  Some of these jobs are listed here and where possible a brief history has been supplied. 


Straight 8 Packhard

Straight 8 Packhard - Cylinder head.

Dehavilland Gypsy Minor

Dehavilland Gypsy Minor - Crankshaft and Sump.

This vintage aircraft will be restored to full flying condition.

AJS 500 Valves AJS 500 Cylinder head

AJS 500 - Cylinder head showing valves remanufactured from blanks.

52 Ford Side-valve V8 52 Ford Side-valve V8

52 Ford Side-Valve V8 -

Restoration work to begin on cylinder block and crankshaft.

Messerschmitt 109

Messerschmitt 109 - Line bored camshaft journals.  The owner of this World War II aircraft engine hopes to have it running in the near future.