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Exchange Trouble

Things you don't want with an exchange product. Unfortunately you don't always get what you paid for when it comes to Production Exchange Products, here are some of the Exchange Troubles we have see in our workshop.

Mazda Cylinder Head Excessive Welding Repairs on a Mazda Cylinder Head

This Mazda Cylinder Head received excessive welding repairs and was put back into the "Exchange Market". Unfortunately someone then purchased it.

Excessive Welding on a Mazda Cylinder Head Excessive Welds on a Mazda Cylinder Head

The Cylinder Head was initally damaged beyond repair, and should never have been reconditioned or resold.

Scored Machined Face Scored Machined Face

On this Cylinder Head notice the scored and scratchy surface finish. This is not the optium surface finish for an Aluminium Cylinder Head, it should have been a smooth mirror like finish.