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Exchange Products

It's not always in your best interests to just go out and buy an exchange.  It may be a quick turn around time, and it may have initially cost you a bit less, but did you get your monies worth?  Sometimes repairing your own cylinder head or engine may be a better option, more cost effective in the long run and out last any production exchange on performance and durability.  You have greater control when repairing your own engine, know exactly what is going on, what's going in it and most importantly you know it's going to fit!  Unfortunately for many engine types there is a large range of variants and they do not all fit up the same.  

We understand that sometimes you just don't have the time to wait and have no option but to purchase an exchange.  That's why we do offer some exchange products.  Unlike other exchange programs, we do not expect a deposit and only accept cylinder heads and engines that can be successfully repaired to our high standards.

First things first - bring in the cylinder head and let us check it out, we'll tell you if you should keep your own or you'd be better off going for an exchange.

Cylinder heads


Ford AU - Petrol Only

Ford AU - LP Gas

Ford EA

Ford EF - Petrol Only

Ford EF - LP Gas

Ford XF

Ford 351 Cleveland


Holden VL RB30


Mazda F220 2.2

Mazda F8

Mazda FE


Mitsubishi 4G54


Toyota 2RZ




We highly recommend you have your engine inspected first.  Unfortunately we have no exchange engines available at this stage.


Cylinder Head Kits

Include ~ Cylinder Head, Head Gasket Set and Head Bolt Set

Ford AU Cylinder Head
Ford AU Cylinder Head Kit, including Genuine Ford Head Bolts.