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This month we look at a Hino EM100 engine being reconditioned. This particular engine had a very large external crack running between welch plugs. The crack repair process utilised state of the art Cast Master repair plugs. The cost of the crack repair was around $800.00, the cost of a new Hino block was approximately 10 times more.

Hino Block Dirty Hino Block Dirty side

The Hino block is dismantled and prepared for a chemical clean.

Hino Block Degreased

The same block after degreasing. 

All paint, rust, oil and carbon deposits have been removed.

Hino Cracked Block Hino EM100 Cylinder Block Cracked

With the block now adequately cleaned the crack can now be seen by the naked eye.  A formal crack test using Ultra Violet light establishes the limits of the crack.  Click here to see the cracked

Hino EM100 Block Crack Repair Hino EM100 Block Crack Repair Close up

Using state of the art crack repair plugs by Cast Master,

the block is successfully repaired.

Click here to see the crack repair

hino Block Completed Engine Hino Cylinderhead completed

The engine block and cylinder head are fully reconditioned and assembled,

ready for final engine assembly.

Hino Engine Completed Hino EM100 Engine

Some final adjustments are made and the Hino EM100 is ready for use.